Restore Your Jewellery


  • Jewellery & Ring Sizing
    If your jewellery isn’t fitting correctly, WHP can re-size gold and silver jewellery. Whether it’s a new ring or any piece of jewellery you’ve had for years, we can help
  • Crown Repair & Re-Tipping
    After continuous wear, rings can begin to wear down and are exposed to structural weakness. Re-tipping enforces the ring’s structure and repairing the crown will ensure diamonds and gems won’t fall out.
  • Refinishing & Polishing
    WHP can polish your jewellery to make it shine beautifully again. They can also re-plate jewellery with rhodium to make it look like it is brand new again.
  • Jewellery & Watch Engraving
    Engraving adds a custom touch and ensures that your gift will be special and unique. At WHP, we have experience, skill and equipment to engrave most pieces, including watches and rings.
  • Chain & Bracelet Repair
    Chains and bracelets can get tangled, twisted or broken during wear or through improper storage. Our jewellers can repair or replace broken pieces and clasps on your jewelry. However even Italian jewellery can be repaired in few cases subject to level of damage.
  • Jewellery Restoration
    Heirloom jewelry pieces see a lot of wear and often require parts to be replaced or areas to be restored. Repairing vintage jewelry is a particular area of expertise for WHP.
  • Pearl Re-Stringing
    If you want to change the length of a necklace or if your thread  is worn out, WHP has an in-house pearl stringer who can string and re-string pearls and other beaded jewellery.
  • Jewellery Cleaning & Inspection
    We’ll clean your jewellery, make it sparkle and check to ensure there are no issues such as loose stones. Since we want your jewellery to shine always.
  • Insurance Valuations
    Our team of experienced jewellery valuers are trusted and respected to provide accurate, objective and convenient jewellery valuations.

    This facility is currently available only in Mumbai and the visiting charge is INR 500 only.

To avail the service, call us on 1800-227-337.

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